Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My Top Ten Inspector Morse Stories - No 8 Deceived by Flight

Lewis had just been hit on the head! Silly twit.

No 8 - DECEIVED BY FLIGHT… (First screened on UK TV 18th January 1989, writer Anthony Minghella.) The only sport story thank heavens! This is Kevin (Whately's) favourite episode.

I'm with Morse on this I hate sport especially cricket! It's nice to see Daniel Massey in this episode even if he's not in it for long.

A couple of my favourite scenes are Morse and Donn eating chips (it was always nice in anything John did to see him doing the things that we all do like eat chips, (Hoover - in Kavanagh etc.) John thinking near the end as Morse and then running after the cricket team and getting the drugs. John's face as Kate Donn collapses in the café - a classic!

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Theresa said...

That grin again! You have me laughing with your choice captions under the photos Janet!

I also like the scene where Morse is with Lewis in the gents (just catching up on the gossip) - and he mockingly copies Lewis saying 'You know!' in his (Morse's) best Novcastrian accent! He can be such a horror! But a nice one.