Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Top Ten Inspector Morse Stories - No 2 The Remorseful Day

This is the hardest post for me to make, yet it's one of John's best performances, and therefore it's my No2, the only problem is i can't watch it anymore, so if any of you can then savour it.
A dying Morse! A very sad episode.
THE REMORSEFUL DAY… (First screened on UK TV 15th November 2000, writer Stephen Churchett.) The only time i have watched this was when it was first screened, i'm sure i woujld have watched it a lot more, but since John's death this story is one I can’t watch because of John’s excellent acting, and i just can't bare to see him die on screen knowing what has happened.

Here John acts a man having heart problems and finally a heart attack; which for me is the best attack scene I’ve ever seen on TV. No one but John could have given Morse the grace and dignity of ending the series the way he did and for that this is also a brilliant piece of drama, but still i can't watch it.
I hope one day in the future to be able to watch this wonderful performance from John, until that day i'll be happy with all his other work that i have.

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