Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My Top Ten Inspector Morse Stories - No 1 Dead on Time

Well anyone who knows me knows i rate this the best episode that John did out of Morse, and for me its also an episode that could stand on its own.
Did the good doctor do it - Morse thinks so? We know different though don't we?
DEAD ON TIME… (First screened on UK TV 26th February 1992, writer Daniel Boyle.) This is the saddest story of all the Morse's that John ever did, but the acting is first class. It is the story of two people who meet up after many years apart. John and Joanna (David) sparkle when working together and make the story even more special by the chemistry they share.

The story has many scenes that are good and for me two of the best are… First when John as Morse finds Susan dead on the sofa and he can barely control his anger, this is so beautifully and tenderly done.

Second is where John is questioning the good doctor (played brilliantly by Adrian Dunbar) near the end as Morse he loses his temper first class acting. John was shaking after doing this scene, and I can see why. If you ever needed evidence of John's outstanding acting ability then watching this one piece of drama will give it to you…pure genius.

This was why he was the best actor this country has ever had, no one else could have done this story only him.
First class piece of acting by all concerned!

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Theresa said...

Yes as you know one of my favourites too. I've lost count of how many times I've watched. Remember too that John said he was mentally and physically exhausted after doing that scene where he found Susan on the couch and I think the scene where Morse loses control in the interview with the Doctor. Just shows how much John put into his performances.