Monday, 10 November 2008

My Top Ten The Sweeney Stories - No 5 Regan

Regan… (First screened on UK TV on 4th June 1974, writer Ian Kennedy Martin.) Jack Regan is a good cooper, but his tough, intuitive style is becoming unfashionable in Scotland Yard seeking a new, technocratic image. When a policeman is mysteriously murdered, Regan breaks all the rules to find the killer but he finds there are men in the Flying Squad equally prepared to break him.

I've never forgot watching this for the first time when it was screened, I'd not long been out of hospital and to watch John for part of the evening really made my day. I said to my mum that I thought Regan would make a good series, so wasn’t surprised when it was.

I really love this story, about this loner policeman (Regan) who really wants to nick villains his way, and not always by the book, but realises that he also needs help even though he doesn't really want to ask Carter for it.

The music for this story was excellent and very moody to show how Regan felt and thought, seeing him with the old lady who had lost her grandson, was beautifully done, and so tender, only John could give Regan the roughness but also the gentle side of his character, and it shows in this story. Brilliant


Theresa said...

"Lend me a comb, will ya please Luv?" say's Jack. (a mess as usual!)

Theresa H

Theresa said...

Yes Janet this was a great start to The Sweeney series. And I SO agree about the music. Absolutely adore it. And how they do one of the themes in a jazzy version and then a soft moody version. And such a nice contrast to the typically loud and macho music of many cop shows of the time. Bit o' class guv'na!

One thing that always puzzled me is why they called the policeman (Cowley) that got killed one of their 'young skippers'. He didn't look like no whipper-snipper to me!

Wasn't Crowley's gran a good character and actor? I wanted to give her a good cuddle (there I go again!)

Look forward to your next contribution Janet - when Bluey let's you that is! Ha ha!


Lollipop said...

One of John's all time best. "Regan" is an absolute classic, never equalled, never surpassed. As superb as the series was, I still think that "Regan" had a grittiness and punch to it that stands alone.

Hmm, John with his shirt off--need I say more. Nice one, guv.