Friday, 14 November 2008

My Top Ten The Sweeney Stories - No 4

Hello Everyone, sorry i've not been around much, would prefer to have given you these top ten over ten days, but as my leg is rather sore for me to sit at a pc at the moment and also looking after a kitten who is rather frisky to say the least, i'm getting a little side-tracked. But normal service will resume shortly.

Thou Shalt Not Kill… (First screened on UK TV on 24th November 1975, writer Ranald Graham.) Can Regan ensure people's safety in a deadly hostage situation when a bank robbery goes wrong?
John is at his absolute best, and shows Regan's angry side for not allowing him to catch the villians before deaths happen, a great story, Ronald Lacey is brilliant as one of the robbers, his final scene is truly harrowing, but for his character understandable.

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