Friday, 3 October 2008

My Top Ten Kavanagh QC Stories: No 8 Men of Substance

The reason i picked this photo is i just love the colour of his braces, with a crisp white shirt he looks so smart, and it's nice to see him in 'office' but without his jacket on.
Men of Substance… (First screened in the UK television on 4th March 1995, writer Matthew Hall.) Kavanagh is forced to replace the prosecutor who suffers a heart attack while on a Customs case involving the importation of drugs from Holland.

A lorry from Holland is found to be smuggling 15 kilos of heroin into the country and everyone involved in the shipment denies all knowledge of the haul. When their heavies threaten Kavanagh's wife, he becomes more determined than ever to put them behind bars.
The scene where Lizzie and James are arguing is very well done, I know how it feels when parents are at each others throats, and Lizzie is very good at giving him that ‘look’ when James isn’t home when he should have been.

When Matt punches his so called best mate in the club at his birthday party after he sees him and her dancing together, is very well choreographed. Then poor Lizzie being besieged by the heavies sent by Gregson in the hope that Kavanagh won’t do his job in court, but it only makes him more determined to get him put in prison.

The lovely scene where James holds Lizzie after the assault at home, I thought was beautifully and tenderly done, these two worked well together, a shame Lisa was taken out of the series as I rather liked her. As for Tom in the garden party, he was suffering in this story, and nice to see him also getting a large part of the story.

What a lovely scene of James and Lizzie in the park and as they are about to kiss, the entire pigeons fly up in the air, thought that rather funny. Finally the lovely scene between father and son at the end having a drink together, I loved seeing so much of the family, and they are a typical family with all their problems etc.

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leila_poole said...

This is a great episode, Kavanagh's reaction to his wife being threaten is a horrible moment. I also love the way Kavanagh has a go at Gregson in court over his spending. Also Matt's fight in the nightclub over a girl (I've seen this happen for real), I love the fact you see so much of Kavanagh's family. another brilliant episode Janet!