Monday, 6 October 2008

My Top Ten Kavanagh QC Stories: No 5 End of Law

Are you sure?
End of Law… (First screened in the UK television on 25th April 2001, writer Stephen Churchett.) (2-Hour Special) The body of a beautiful young Hungarian computer science graduate is discovered and a middle-aged businessman denies her murder although her body was found in his hotel room.

When he is found guilty, an appeal is prepared and questions emerge about the dead woman, was she working as a prostitute or plying a more secretive international trade? Meanwhile approaches are being made to Kavanagh to become a judge, so how much support will Sarah be able to rely on from one of London's most highly respected criminal advocates?
As we see here things were changing for Kavanagh, and the possibility of him becoming a judge. Though several people had other ideas if he carried on with the case, not that, that prevented him from doing his job.

I think the lovely Samantha Bond was excellent as Sarah Swithins and I’m sure she would have been a good character to have had in the series had it continued.

James and Peter talking about him becoming a judge, and peter thinking of reasons why he shouldn’t, those reasons being the same ones why Peter himself didn’t take up the position when it was offered to him in the past.

Loved the scene with James and Kate by the river, all those lovely boats, and also the guy who was working on his boat.

When James is walking and thinking as to whether to take the position of judge, or to carry on with the case and never be asked again, possibly a hard decision for some but not for James who makes the right one.

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Lollipop said...

I think this was one of the most superb productions, film or television, ever made.

It would rank number 2 on my list. I'll tell you my number 1
when your list is complete.

I think you'll pick this one, maybe not #1, but it will make your list, I think. Lollipop