Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Colin Dexter to appear at Library Theatre, Manchester

Colin Dexter, the man behind the phenomenally successful series of Inspector Morse novels, presents From Books to Box, an entertaining one-man show in which he explains the trials and tribulations involved in transforming full-length novels into 90-minute screen dramas, many of which starred the much-loved Manchester actor John Thaw.

His first Inspector Morse novel, Last Bus to Woodstock, was published in 1975. He started work on it during a windswept family holiday in a cottage in North Wales, and, 13 novels later, the final instalment, The Remorseful Day, was published in 1999.

In the manner of Alfred Hitchcock appearing in minor roles in many of his films, Colin, a graduate of Cambridge University and a former teacher, made a brief appearance in a few of the 33 episodes of the BAFTA-award winning Morse made between 1987-2001 - although he was not given a speaking role until 1993!

Dexter appears at the Library Theatre for one night only on Sunday, 16th November at 7.3pm. For more information, please click here.

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