Thursday, 28 August 2008

Into The Blue

Hello Everyone

Well really enjoyed watching the first three episodes of A Year In Provence last night, will finish it off over the next few days, i really love seeing John singing as he really cheers me up, when i'm feeling low.

Anyway onto tonight's choice, and it's "Into The Blue", one of my favourites, though mind you everything i watch of John's is a favourite.
This photo comes from the presspack, that i have for this drama, and one of my favourite photos of John.


Lisa said...

What a wonderful website Janet. It is so great to come here and to be enveloped by John Thaw. It makes me so happy to see all the love that you and all of us have for such a fantastic actor and person.


Endeavour said...

Thanks Lisa
It means a lot to me, when folk like you say you are enjoying my blog.

I'm really enjoying doing it, being disabled and stuck indoors all the time, it gives me a link with the outside world, and to see people from all over the world, really makes my day, that they are visiting my blog, i feel very humble.