Sunday, 31 August 2008

Buried Treasure

Today is the final day of my month long 35th anniversary tribute to me being a fan for 35 years on 7th August 2008, i still can't believe I've been a fan that long, but I'm so pleased that it was John that i found all those years ago.
The first thing i should have seen John in would have been The Adventures of Black Beauty in 1971, because i loved this series; but because i was in hospital i didn't get to see the performance at that time that John give, but i now have it on DVD, which now is what counts.

Well onto my final choice for tonight's watching and it's "Buried Treasure", and I'm looking forward to watching it, to see John singing unaccompanied doing my favourite Beatle song is just bliss.


Holly said...


Just wanted to drop a note from "across the Pond" and tell you I've enjoyed your Tribute to John blog. You pop up every other day or so in my Google alerts, as I have one set for John Thaw. And every time I read one of your entries, it brings a smile to my face. A lot of what you reference I can't get here in the States, but your joy at being a fan shines through in vivid color. Well done!

Endeavour said...

Hi Holly
If you check out ebay you might be able to get hold of some of the dramas that i was watching last month.

I'm so pleased that you are enjoying my blog, and hope that you visit the website to John also as there is a lot more on there, that i've helped give.
Regards Janet.

Lollipop said...

What a wonderful month of watching John in so many great performances.
"Buried Treasure" is indeed a treasure. I cried all the way through. Tears of joy for the decades of work that John left for us to enjoy, and tears of sadness at his loss.

John, you are remembered always with love.

Theresa said...

HI Janet

I'm going backwards catching up on some of your older posts. Saw this one. Truly one of my favourites too. But what stopped me here was the pic of John. It just made me remeber when he was singing 'All my Loving' to Dominique (can't recall character name!).I knew it was that scene before I read your comments. Loved that scene - but he just looks so jolly and chortely and amusing with his face all squashed up like that that it made me laugh - in an affectionate way. Beacuase that's just what his character was like in that scene. Theresa (across the other Pond!)