Friday, 22 August 2008


Hello Everyone

Sorry for delay in adding tonight's choice, been rather chaos here as my sister's car is having trouble, still is but never mind that for the time being, onto more important things in the world of John.

Tonight's choice is "Budgie: Sunset Mansions or Whatever Happened To Janey Barb", for anyone who has it and wants to join me in watching.

Budgie is available in the UK, series 1 (Which John's episode is part off)
See you all tomorrow...


Lollipop said...

This is a favorite of mine. John's performance is Shakespearean. You
captured a perfect picture of John as Denzil Davies.

Theresa said...

Ha Ha! Yes an EXCELLENT shot! It catches the character well. Denzil did come across as a bit gormless and spoilt. But in the end we see (thanks to John's perceptive acting)as a very complicated and emotionally mixed up character.

Janet I don't remember if this is available commmercially?? But if so, I recommend people get hold of it just to see John's performance. Others are good too. But it shows off JT's versatility in a great way. Theresa