Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lewis ratings detract from Miranda and Mrs Brown's Boys success

Glad to see Lewis beating these other shows, and getting better ratings then last year!

Viewers flocked to ITV series Lewis in their millions last night, meaning popular BBC sitcoms Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys looked unsteady at the top of the ratings table.

The Inspector Morse spinoff, which stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox, returned for its seventh series yesterday and rumours are abound that it could be the final outing for the show.

An impressive 6.24m tuned in to watch the launch episode of Lewis, representing a 24 per cent share of the viewing audience and an increase of more than 1m viewers on the last series opener.

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Muldfeld said...

Not simply rumors.


I haven't watched any of it. I live in North American and buy the superior DVDs from the UK. What I find upsetting is that, since this is the last series of "Lewis" that they only made 3 full-length episodes, instead of the usual 4.