Saturday, 9 May 2009

John Thaw DVD news from UK releases

Here is some exciting news i've just found out, from my friend in the know, that the following two dvd's are being released next month here in the UK!

This is terrific news for me as my birthday falls right in the middle of the two dates, so i get double john...YIPPY!!
1st Plastic Man out 1st June 09 @ for £8.99
(Now available for pre-order @ amazon for £9.49)
2nd The Capone Investments out 15th June 09 @ for £9.99. (Now available for pre-order @ amazon for £11.49)


Gisèle said...


Excellent news. I'm looking for Plastic Man for ages (The Glass too ..). Thanks


Lollipop said...

Janet, I'm over the moon. I've been waiting for "Plastic Man." I've never heard of the Capone Investment-that is a surprise.
Great news.

sandra said...

happy birthday my friend!!
hope you have a great day!
would have loved to meet up with you in london, to see sister act, but hey, we'll give it another go in the future.
give my love to theresa as I know she must be there by now.


Marge said...

About time! Hopefully it will be in NTSC format soon. Plastic Man is John's acting at its best!