Thursday, 2 May 2013

My 40 chosen performances to mark my 40 years a fan...

40 performances to mark my 40th anniversary of being a fan of John Thaw
From 1st May - 9th June 2013
The 60's
001.  Sergeant Musgrave's Dance
002.  Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner
003.  Redcap: The Killer
004.  Z-Cars: A La Carte
005.  Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Five To One
006.  The Avengers: Esprit De Corps
007.  Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Dead Man's Chest
008.  The Bofors Gun
009.  Strange Report: Revenge - When A Man Hates
The 70s
010.  The Last Grenade
011.  Budgie: Sunset Mansions Or Whatever Happened To Janey Baib
012.  Armchair Theatre: Competition
013.  The Onedin Line: Mutiny
014.  The Adventures Of Black Beauty: The Hostage
015.  The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Sensible Action Of Lt. Hoist
016.  The Capone Investments: A Murder Missing
017.  The Protectors: Lena
018.  Thick As Thieves: The Homecoming
019.  Regan
020.  Dinner At The Sporting Club
The 80s
021.  This Is Your Life: John Thaw
022.  The Grass Is Singing
023.  Saturday Night Thriller: Where Is Betty Buchus?
024.  Killer Waiting
025.  Mitch: Something Private
026.  Home To Roost: High Spirits
027.  We'll Support You Evermore
028.  Inspector Morse: Dead On Time
029.  Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four
030.  Business As Usual
031.  Bomber Harris
The 90s
032.  Stanley And The Women
033.  A Year In Provence
034.  Kavanagh QC: Blood Money
035.  Into The Blue
036.  Goodnight Mister Tom
037.  The Waiting Time
The 00s
038.  Monsignor Renard
039.  The Glass
040.  Buried Treasure


Theresa said...

Hello. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog. Such a good coverage of John's work and career!
I like how you have put your watching list into decades and that you include so much of John's work apart from the really wel-known stuff. Hed did SO much and all quality stuff.

I've just ordered one of the Edgar Wallace Mysteries he's in. So I'm looking forward to joining you in watching that.

69nisi said...

Good Day regan59 :-)

I`m a new admirer of the work of John Thaw ;-)

At the Moment I just watch all I can on youtube…..

Now I have two questions:

Do you know if there are any "bloopers" (outtakes) from John Thaw films, series available ?
And can you tell me how do I get a copy of "this is your life" with John Thaw ?

It would be so nice to hear from you!

A big hug from Basel (Switzerland)

Denise "Nisi" Wey