Friday, 9 September 2011

New titles being released!

 Just received the following, and thought you all might like to know, as it's been a long time since we had anything new on John.

Don't know if any of you have a blu-ray player but if you do then REGAN is being released on blu-ray on 10th October by Network!

Also on DVD, by Network, is vol. 2 of Armchair Theatre, this is only available till 9th March 2012, then it will be discontinued, it contains the single drama COMPETITION, originally screened on ITV on 5th October 1971, starring John Thaw of course.

Competition‘You don’t want to believe a word your dad says. Nobody else does.’ Young Ray hardly needs the advice. A budding poet, he particularly wants his father to go with him to the poetry competition at school – but father has something else on his mind, and Ray’s awakening disillusion is confirmed.


Lollipop said...

Great news Janet. Being in the States I wouldn't know what was going on with John without your blog. Bless you for keeping John's legacy alive.

zcg said...

Hi Janet. I'm on a wild goose chase to come up with the name of an episode/movie that aired on Masterpiece Mystery! It starred John Thaw and he had some sort of rivalry with a younger man. At the end of the movie the main female character, who was the love interest of both men, had to choose between Thaw or the younger man. Any ideas about what this could be? Thanks!!!

Endeavour said...


You could be thinking of a series called Thick As Theives, which starred John, Bob Hoskins and Pat Aston. Now while Bob's character is in prison John's character takes up with his girlfriend, so when Bob comes back he's not to pleased. But they all live together, and Pat's character has to choose who she wants. But I won't give the ending away, this is a great comedy and worth having.

Theresa said...

Hi Janet. Thanks for all the updates on the latest John stuff coming out. Like Lollipop in U.S., I wouldnt know all this if not for your great blog. I plan on doing some online shopping!5

Theresa said...
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zcg said...

Thanks Endeavour! I'll take a look at Thick as Thieves.

Is there anything in Thaw's mystery/detective performances that would match my description?

Thanks again!

Endeavour said...

Hi zcg
No sorry no mystery performances by John of what you describe. I know ALL Johns career and only Thick as Theives matches what you describe.

zcg said...

Thank you sooooo much, Endeavour!!!