Saturday, 7 August 2010

Inspector Morse Tour of Oxford

This was posted on the John Thaw forum, and thanks to my friend, Theresa for letting me know, i thought i'd post it here in case any of you might be interested... read on. Also please everyone forgive me for not being around much this year, i've had a lot of health issues to deal with, along with suffering a lot of pain with my leg, for which i'm on morphine now. But i haven't forgotton John and never will, and as and when i can i'll be back to add more stuff related to John in some way.
This luxury air-conditioned mini coach day tour from London will take fans into the world of author Colin Dexter’s famous detective creation Inspector Morse.

With Oxford being the setting for both the books and the TV series we will visit many locations familiar to Morse, Lewis and Hathaway.

We’ll stop for lunch at one of the most charming pubs in Oxford. You’ll also get a 2 hour guided walking tour of the locations featured in the series by an authority on the subject and see and hear many fascinating facts about this historic University town.

On the way to and from Oxford we will watch a couple of classic episodes of Morse and see if you can solve the answers to some questions relating to the detective.

The tour will finish in Kensington near to Gloucester Road tube station on the District Line.

Tour highlights include
Go inside St Michaels Church Bray where Morse investigates six murders and fights for his life on the tower before Lewis rescues him, in The Service of All the Dead
Enjoy the atmosphere and views overlooking the Thames at the pub where Morse takes Helen in Who Killed Harry Field
Visit some of the Oxford colleges used as fictional locations in the TV series
Have lunch at the ancient pub where Bill Clinton 'didn't inhale' and which featured in The Settling of the Sun
See Oxford locations also featured in previous episodes of Lewis as well as those from the forthcoming series
Here is the link for more information and how to book...

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