Thursday, 7 January 2010

John's birthday

Well hello everyone!
Sorry for not being around much, it's rather nippy here at present, and my leg doesn't like it, never mind.
Hope you all celebrated John's birthday last Sunday by watching something, i'd love to hear what you all watched. I myself watched three episodes of Redcap series 2, in fact the first three from this series, as i'd heard that Garfield Morgan had died and so i wanted to mark it in some way and didn't at that point want to watch the Sweeney, so i thought Redcap fits the bill. He's very good in the episode he's in called The Killer, sadly he gets killed before the first break, but it's lovely to see him in it. His character calls John's character Daniel for some reason, instead of John!
I've got some idea's that i want to add to the blog and one of them is changing the photos in the slide show, which i'll try and do before John's anniversary next month, though not easy as i'm rather uncomfortable sitting at my laptop, not to mention freezing!
Well that's all for now, take care everyone if the weather is bad where you are, and if you have to go out to drive or walk do it safely till next time bye for now.

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Virgi said...

you know that I speak very badly English, firstly I feel your pains, mine are not at all, but it is incredible that we had seen the same thing at least it I dealt on your publication, Red Cap, I saw The killer and Crime Passionel, and an interview with Dennis Waterman, you know that it will happen in the anniversary in February? It will be 8 years . This year I will not go to Europe, probably 2011, in February Regards from Chile, I order You little heat from here