Saturday, 15 August 2009

Been a while

Hello everyone
Sorry for not being around much lately, been in rather a lot of pain as the weather here in Manchester isn't tha!t warm for what is supposed to be summer, so i don't sit at my laptop that much.

I'm working (in my head) on projects for the the blog on John to add in hope they will be of interest to you as well as myself, and will when i get chance start putting these on here, they just need a bit more thought.

Also i'm open for any idea's you may have of what you'd like to see here, please email me and let me know and i'll see what i can do, as i have a huge collection on John and thousands of photos i've got enough stuff to keep this blog going for some time yet!
Take care everyone

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Gisèle said...


Yes, it will be of great interest to all the fans that you continue to add pictures and news on the blog on John.

I'm a recent admirer. When I discovered him - as Morse - he was already dead. Since I gather information and material about him and his work (magazines, books, DVD ..) and your contribution is very helpful and nice.

I hope summer is now arrived at Manchester and your pain over. I wish you the best.

Thanks a lot for your great job.